Beginner’s 4 Pack Discounted Spore Syringe Bundle


The Spore Syringe version of this product has been permanently discontinued in favor of its Liquid Culture Syringe counterpart! If you are interested in this strain, please use the search bar to find the liquid culture version.

Alternatively, read our article spores vs. liquid culture for more information about liquid cultures.

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Product Short Description

This discount bundle #1 includes FOUR Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms spore syringes. Thick Spores has preselected the strains with the beginners to microscopy in mind. We offer this discounted bundle as an inexpensive alternative for those interested in microscopy of multiple strains (recommended).


Each spore-filled syringe will come with one unopened, sterile dispensing needle.


Strains included in this bundle:


  • Tidal Wave
  • Golden Teacher
  • Z-strain
  • P.E.S. Hawaiian

Please read the product description for more information

Thick Spores presents to you the Beginner’s Spore syringe bundle #1! We have created this mushroom spore syringe bundle for any customer who is BRAND NEW to microscopy. This discounted bundle will also serve as an inexpensive way to purchase multiple spore syringes without the headache of spending hours researching hundreds of strains. We have taken the work out of strain selection for you!

All four psilocybe cubensis strains we have selected for you in this bundle are PERFECT for the beginner.

Included in this bundle are the following four strains: