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Product Short Description

Recommended skill level: Novice to intermediate mycologist or researcher

  • Isolated Most Valued Producer mushroom spores
  • 10 milliliter MVP spore syringe
  • Individually packaged
  • Sterile, unopened dispensing needle is included.
  • 90 day replacement guarantee
  • More details in the product description below

MVP Spores – Most Valued Producer

M.V.P., short for Most Valued Producer spores, is a recessive genetic mutation of Psilocybe Cubensis. This mushroom is closely related to the famous Penis Envy Mushrooms. It is a hybrid of the Melmac Penis Envy strain. It is known as the Most Valued Producer because of its ability to produce massive amounts of dense mushrooms. The mushrooms are nearly always solid and weigh more than other cubensis strains after they are dried. M.V.P. spores are different than Penis Envy Mushroom Spores because M.V.P. produces slightly more spores on average per mushroom.

most valued producer (M.V.P.) Mushrooms


  • Extra dense spore syringe
  • Visibile spores to the naked eye
  • Billions of spores in every syringe
  • Discreet and fast shipping

M.V.P. Mushroom Information

Classification: Hallucinogenic

Substrates: Composted Cow or Horse Manure, Coco Coir

Climate: Subtropical to Tropical

Cap: Wavy and often referred to as appearing like a bottle cap. This strain makes spore printing impossible because the cap does not open fully.

Stem: Solid, never hollow. They are gnarled and bulbous. 

Gills: Gills remain underdeveloped because the cap does not open fully.

Spores: Dark brown to purplish or black. The spores must be harvested using advanced techniques or spore swabs.

Psilocybin Potency: High to Extreme

Cultivation Difficulty: Moderate

Fruiting Temperature: 68-75 Degrees Fahrenheit

Origin of the Most Valued Producer Mushroom

M.V.P. mushrooms originated from a team of mycological researchers working with Melmac Penis Envy mushroom genetics. This team grew and traded the spores of the Melmac mushrooms back and forth with one another, often isolating the large mushrooms before taking any spores for further isolations. Eventually, the isolated Melmac spores that had been stabilized were bred with the True Albino Teacher mushroom. The result is the Most Valued Producer, which they named when they discovered its impressive mushroom production capabilities. 


M.V.P. mushroom spores mycelium is robust and rhizomorphic. It grows as fast as any healthy Psilocybe cubensis strain. The mushrooms themselves, however, are slow to develop. The average time for primordia development and pinhead production is about twenty-one days.

Harvesting Spores

M.V.P. Mushroom Spores are tough to harvest without contamination because the mushroom cap does not fully open. In our laboratory, we gather the spores by squirting a diluted antibiotic solution into the mushroom gills to prevent any bacterial contamination in our spore syringes. We also test each batch of penis envy spores before sending any to any customer to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality spore samples.


Psilocybin production in M.V.P. mushrooms is above average. The concentration of psilocybin per mushroom can be two to three times greater than a regular cubensis mushroom.


The general experience with Penis Envy, compared to the more common Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms, is that there is little body load. It is primarily a visual experience with vivid imagery, whether the eyes are open or closed.

The legality of Psilocybin Mushroom Spores

Psilocybin Mushroom Spores are legal in most U.S. States. However, Georgia and Idaho have banned these spores. Please see our post about psilocybin mushroom spore legality by state to know if spores are legal in your state.


Cultivation of Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms is illegal in all states. In addition, federal law also prohibits the cultivation of psilocybe spores. Therefore, a license issued by the D.E.A. is required to legally cultivate this species of mushroom spores.


The product is only for microscopy, taxonomy identification, or collection purposes. Spores are not intended for human consumption.


Always observe proper sanitation procedures when handling a spore syringe in preparation for viewing spores through a microscope. Wear gloves. Wipe your gloves and spore syringe with isopropyl alcohol to sanitize those parts. Before performing microscopic research studies, sanitize the dispensing needle, which is a simple process. Put the tip of the needle into the flame of a butane lighter until it turns red. Then squirt a small amount of the spore solution out of the syringe to cool the needle.