Thick Spores FAQ

YES! Every spore syringe that leaves our laboratory is GUARANTEED to contain thousands of visible spore clumps!

Some of our competitors use gimmicky marketing techniques to upsell you for a THICK spore syringe. We don’t!


Some of our competitors do not know how to make a THICK spore syringe or are stingy with the amount of spores. They will tell you the reason why their spore syringes are crystal clear is because spores are microscopic. While a single spore is microscopic, spores that are clumped together by the thousands are not microscopic.


Bottom line: you get what you pay for when you order from THICK SPORES!!

Yes! Thick Spores offers a 90 day product exchange guarantee. In the unlikely event that there is an issue with viability or contamination we will send you a replacement spore syringe for the defective item. If you are reading this because you are having an issue with contamination or viability, please contact us.

Delivery times will vary depending on which shipping service you choose at checkout. The average order will usually arrive within 3-6 business days. Please see our shipping information and rates for more information.

Yes. Thick Spores will send psilocybin mushroom spores to Georgia, Idaho, and California.

We ship our products in white poly mailers. A poly mailer is like a durable plastic bag with bubble padding on the inside. We ship our products in these because they can’t rip like cheap paper bubble mailers, and are very durable. You can trust that your order will arrive safely in a poly mailer. They cost more but we think of it as peace of mind for our customers, since the order will always arrive undamaged and discreetly.


Shipping dept.

No mention or indication of the contents inside of the package will be displayed on the on the shipping label or the package itself. We make sure that your orders are discreet. We believe strongly in the right to personal privacy.

The same or next business day with the exception of Sunday.

We retain order information until we file our business taxes, which is every three months. Then, we will schedule deletion of order history. We are in the business of selling spores, not gathering personal information from our customers.

If you communicate with us, such as via email, telegram, or any other messaging service, we do not store your conversations. We delete these regularly. Emails are deleted from our server automatically once a week. We delete telegram conversations as soon as they are finished.