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Thick Spores is proud to be one of the only sellers of Psilocybe cubensis liquid culture syringes. We offer same day shipping on all products offered on this website.

What is a mushroom liquid culture?

Psilocybin Mushroom Liquid Cultures are now the most popular way to research psilocybe cubensis and other magic mushroom species. Liquid Culture is a live liquid that suspends living mushroom mycelium. LC, short for liquid culture, has several advantages over traditional spore syringes. It is a living product that is easy and ready to be used for your mushroom research. Liquid culture will save you weeks of time in comparison to a spore syringe. 

Do you know the differences between mushroom spores and mushroom liquid culture? Check out our detailed blog post “What is the difference between spores and liquid culture?

Panaeolus Cyanescens Liquid Culture Syringes

Panaeolus cyanescens mushroom liquid culture syringe is the best choice of product a researcher or mycologist can choose when they need to research pan cyan mushrooms. Our liquid culture syringes are full of living mushroom mycelium, and are simple to use. Our LC syringes are made by a professional in front of a nuclear grade floowhood. If you want a guaranteed and problem free experience choose one of our Panaeolus cyanescens liquid culture syringes!

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