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Since our grand opening in July of 2022 our mushroom spore syringe and liquid culture products have earned hundreds 5-star reviews, demonstrating our commitment to excellent customer service, and expertise in the industry.

At Thick Spores, we strive to ensure that your experience is equally remarkable. We offer a wide range of lab-quality P. Cubensis spore syringes, enhanced by rapid 2-3 day shipping arrival times and a commitment to quality. Orders placed before 12 pm EST Monday through Friday are typically shipped the same day.

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  1. Love this

  2. Great product and service

  3. Awesome

  4. Highly recommend

  5. Awesome service, great customer service and quality.

  6. Great results so far

  7. 2 of my samples were not viable but the rest were fine

  8. Very well done!!

  9. The process of buying through Thick Spores was extremely quick and professional. The liquid cultures I purchased are not yet in fruiting condition but there is plenty of mycelium growth!

  10. Great shipping great customer service.i will definitely keep going to this company for my research needs

  11. I’m happy to do business with thick spores have no problems other than I had contamination and one bag but it was due to my negligence scores are very clean I highly recommend this company

  12. Some reason I’ve been struggling with this one. Sent it to sub and it completely stalled out and didn’t colonize at all. I Have one more grain bag that I’m waiting on colonization. I have an gar plate going also so to be continued….

  13. Fast colonization. Fruiting now so…

  14. Never had a contamination using this website

  15. Fast shipping, havent looked at them under microscope yet.

  16. Ordered two GT live cultures, one PE, and all three appear rhizomorphic! Seemed to do well in spite of my non-ideal temperatures & environment and no contamination in the samples of any kind it seems. Awesome!

  17. Very happy with the service and the quality of the product, Made for great viewing.

  18. Great service, awesome products. 👍

  19. Good stuff! Great quality, fast colonization

  20. 3 strong strains and growing fast

  21. excellent variety, and wonderful customer service. very fast shipping. And I highly recommend Thick Spores. They are the real deal.

  22. Great product, fast shipping. Will be buying from them again!

  23. Good culture. Works much better than just spore.

  24. Mail carrier destroyed my package and all liquid came out of the darts. But the packaging was so good it stayed in package and no attention brought to it by carrier. I alerted Thick and they said no worries even though not their fault got out another package next day. This arrived perfect. My rice have been introduced to their new friends and in day three I have a bunch of white patches already. A1 thank to Thick. Straight up good brothers.

  25. Needle too small. Ended up having to squirt too much LC into my research area due to a clog in the needle. Research was cut short unfortunately, as the research area eventually developed wet rot. If I do buy again, I will either purchase my own needles or employ a strategy to break up some of the culture before/during research time.