Escondido Spore Syringe

Escondido Spore Syringe

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Recommended skill level: Novice mycologist or researcher

  • ThickSpores very own, isolated Escondido spores
  • 10ML Escondido spore syringe
  • Individually packaged
  • Sterile, unopened dispensing needle is included.
  • 30% lower priced than most of our competitors
  • 90 day replacement guarantee
  • More details in the product description below


Escondido Spores For Sale

Escondido spores from THICK Spores are the highest quality Escondido spore syringes available on the internet! Belonging to the Psilocybe Cubensis Spores category, Escondido spores are perfect for the novice mycology student or scientific researcher looking to get started with thier projects. We GUARANTEE every spore syringe that leaves our warehouse will be of the highest quality and exceed your expectations.

Here are a few of the benefits of buying Escondido psilocybin spores from THICK spores:

  • EXTRA dense spore syringes – billions of spores per spore syringe!
  • Visible spores to the naked eye. NO watery syringes sold here!
  • High-quality product packaging
  • Discreet shipping – The contents of the package is never mentioned.
  • BLAZING fast shipping – We do not slouch when getting your order to you!
  • Affordable prices – Our prices are much lower than any business or individual selling a similar product!

How Do I Handle and Use My Escondido Spore syringe?

When handling your Escondido spore syringe, always observe proper sanitation procedures. Wear gloves. Wipe your gloves and spore syringe with isopropyl alcohol to sanitize those parts. Before performing any research studies, be sure to sanitize the dispensing needle, which is a simple process. Put the tip of the needle into the flame of a butane lighter until it turns red. Then squirt a small amount of the spore solution out of the syringe to cool the needle. You are now ready to proceed with your scientific research.

What Makes Escondido Spores Popular?

What Are Escondido Spores?

Escondido mushroom spores are the reproductive cells of the Escondido mushroom. The spores are what allow the Escondido mushroom to reproduce.

What Are Escondido Spore Syringes Used For?

Escondido mushroom spore syringes can be used for scientific research purposes, such as microscopy research and taxonomical identification of the species when hunting mushrooms in the wild. Hobbyists also use Escondido spore syringes for collection purposes.

Do Escondido Mushroom Spores Go Bad?

Escondido mushroom spores do not go bad, or spoil. There is no shelf life for these spores. However, temperatures above 106 degrees Fahrenheit or 41 degrees Celsius can kill Escondido mushroom spores. Other things to be aware of that can harm Escondido spores inside the spore syringe are mold, bacteria, and sanitizing cleaners.

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2. Contamination:

  • Our production utilizes a professional-grade laminar flow HEPA flowhood with a 12" thick filter, filtering to 0.02 microns. Therefore, contamination is highly unlikely to originate from our end.
  • To claim contamination, test the spores or liquid culture on agar and provide photographs showing our company name and the date. Also include pictures and descriptions of your equipment, again with our company name in the picture for verification puposes
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mushroom spore syringe?

A mushroom spore syringe is a tool commonly used in mycology, the study of fungi, and for cultivating mushrooms. It consists of a syringe filled with a sterile liquid, typically distilled water or a nutrient solution, and contains mushroom spores. These spores are microscopic reproductive units of mushrooms. The syringe allows for controlled and precise distribution of spores. 

Yes. Due to the sheer volume of mushroom spores in our syringes you can see spore clusters visibly in our mushroom spore syringes. 

The visibility of spores in mushroom spore syringes can vary depending on the concentration of spores and the specific preparation method. In most cases, spores in spore syringes are not individually visible to the naked eye. Spore clusters from a spore print are usually microscopic and appear as a suspension within the liquid in the syringe. These spore suspensions may look cloudy or slightly turbid due to the high concentration of spores.

While individual spores are typically too tiny to be seen without a microscope, the collective presence of spores in the syringe can give the liquid a characteristic appearance.

No. We cannot respond if you contact us about mushroom cultivation or anything that might be illegal. We also have to cancel and prohibit your orders forever. Please never contact us about any subject matter that may be illegal.

Our customer support is availble to help you with questions related to an existing order, shipment, or our 90 day warranty.

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