Panaeolus Bisporus Liquid Culture Syringe


The Spore Syringe version of this product has been permanently discontinued in favor of its Liquid Culture Syringe counterpart! If you are interested in this strain, please use the search bar to find the liquid culture version.

Alternatively, read our article spores vs. liquid culture for more information about liquid cultures.

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Product Short Description

One ten-milliliter sterile medical syringe containing live Panaeolus Bisporus Mycelium. One sterile unopened dispensing needle is included with each item ordered.




What are Panaeolus Bisporus Mushrooms?

The Panaeolus bisporus mushroom, also known as Copelandia bisporus, is a rare and widely distributed species of mushroom known for its psychoactive properties due to the presence of the hallucinogenic compound psilocybin. It is commonly referred to as a magic mushroom and is part of the Panaeolus genus which is known for several psilocybin-containing species. These mushrooms have a characteristic appearance, with a size range of 4-6.5 cm x 2-3 mm, and a cylindrical shape. They have a reddish-brown to greyish color and turn bluish at the base, especially when bruised.

The habitat of Panaeolus bisporus is quite specific as they tend to grow on cattle and buffalo dung. Originally, they are believed to have originated from Morocco, Africa, but have also been found in regions such as Hawaii, Southern California, Spain, and Switzerland, indicating a broad distribution. However, unlike other coprophilic (dung-loving) Panaeolus species, Panaeolus bisporus can also grow in grassy areas, making them somewhat unique within their genus.

The seasonality of their growth is primarily during the spring or rainy seasons, which provides the moist conditions that are conducive for their growth. This mushroom species is not just geographically widespread but also holds a place of interest among mycologists and those interested in psychedelics due to its potent hallucinogenic properties.

panaeolus bisporus mushrooms

Overview of Panaeolus Bisporus Liquid Culture

The Panaeolus Bisporus Liquid Culture syringe, or LC, is perfect for your home mushroom research. It replaces Panaeolus Bisporus mushroom spore syringes by providing a guaranteed experience without concern of non-germination or contamination. This product will also speed up your project by two to four weeks over using spores!

This easy-to-use syringe is pre-filled with a living mycelium suspended in a nutrient broth of the famous Panaeolus Bisporus mushroom strain. You can begin researching the mushrooms immediately! In addition, our liquid culture syringes are made from high-end isolations that will speed your research efforts up to run much faster than our spores!

Product Volume: 10 Milliliters

Ingredients: Thick Spores brand mushroom liquid culture syringes are made with 100% natural ingredients and are non-toxic.

Culture media: Extra Light Malt Extract or Potato Dextrose for maximum shelf life and protection from senescence.

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Advantages of Liquid Culture over Psilocybe Mexicana Spores

A liquid culture syringe has a significant advantage over a spore syringe in terms of the time you do not have to wait for germination. A liquid culture syringe will save you weeks to months in your endeavor. Another advantage is that liquid cultures can be advanced genetic isolates outperforming spores. Thick Spores sells only genetically isolated LC. Although LC syringes cost more than spore syringes, the benefits far outweigh the cost.


  1. Prepare the work area: Before you begin, ensure your workspace is clean and sanitized. You will need a clean surface to rest the syringe on and safe disposal for any used materials.
  2. Handle the syringe with care to avoid any accidental spills or contamination.
  3. Prepare the solution: Open the mushroom liquid culture syringe and ensure the aqueous solution is clear, other than the mycelium. If the aqueous solution is cloudy, discard it and start with a new one.
  4. Prepare a microscopy slide or sanitize the area to be penetrated by the dispensing needle.
  5. Dispense a small amount of the solution onto a microscopy slide, or inject 1 milliliter into the container you will use through a self-healing injection port.

Tips and Tricks for successful usage:

  • Always be as clean as possible.
  • Wear clean clothing.
  • Practice good oral hygiene.
  • Wear new gloves every time.
  • Wipe all surfaces, including gloves, with disinfectant.
  • Do not introduce un-sanitized items into a sanitized work area.

Shelf Life & Storage

Liquid Culture syringes have a shelf life of approximately three months before the nutrient broth becomes depleted of nutrients. Therefore, you must either use the LC before three months or transfer the mycelium in the syringe to a new and sterile medium with fresh nutrients.

Disclaimer: All products on this website are intended for lawful research purposes only. Psilocybin Mushroom Liquid Cultures do not contain psilocybin. This product is not intended for human consumption. Any pictures of mushrooms are for educational purposes only. No mushrooms are included with this product.

Please thoroughly research your local laws regarding mushroom cultivation or contact competent legal counsel. In addition, be aware that the cultivation of psilocybin-containing mushrooms is still illegal according to the United States federal government under the Controlled Substances Act.